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Friday 26 April 2013

April Updates!

Hello dedicated CushyCMS users! You may have already noticed changes to the site of late. We thought we'd make a list of the more interesting ones since our last update. Many have been on the site for a couple of weeks already:

  • File rename. This icon: is now visible next to each page in the CushyCMS Control Panel. Pro users may also give "rename" (and "delete") permissions to their Editors, including pages they create themselves (from now on) with the Clone tool. Also, it should be noted that renaming and deleting of pages *only* rename and delete inside of CushyCMS -- this will in no way affect your live site. Editors can not delete live pages, only the association of that page within Cushy.
  • Cushy will now (finally!) remember which sites in your Control Panel you had expanded and collapsed.
  • You can now add multiple pages at once. When adding a page, simply select as many files as you want from the list. Images and other non-html files are now removed from this list to make it easier to find your HTML files. When adding multiple pages, Cushy will do it's best to determine the name of each page to save you typing in many names. If you wish to change them, use the Rename button mentioned above after adding them.
  • Designers and editors can now message each other directly in the CMS. We don't intend on Cushy to become a full blown email client, since that wheel has already been invented. So things like attachments and subjects we felt were not required. We also limited each message to 1000 characters. You may like to use it for basic instructions (in case the system is not easy enough for Editors!). This message feature is currently "opt in". All existing users have the feature disabled. Go in to your Preferences and switch it on, and perhaps request your editors turn it on as well. New users will have it enabled by default.

  • The "publish queue", on the home page of the Control Panel, simply gives the user some feedback of how their Publish & subsequent file upload is going, and when they can expect it to be live. Confirmation and error messages will also appear here; if you or your client is experiencing issues, they can be more specific if they need to approach their Designer for help.

Lastly, I'd like to point out that most of these features came from our uservoice suggestion board. I'd really like to encourage everyone to have a look at it and make any suggestions you feel would improve your Cushy experience, or assign some votes to existing ideas that take your fancy!

In the mean time, happy Cushying to all, and a gentle reminder that there is still 4 days left on our EASTER2013 coupon for yearly pro at a heavily discounted rate.