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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

CushyCMS introduces Yearly Pro Plan

Great news for those who would like to pay for CushyCMS at a (discounted!) yearly rate.

A feature requested a long time ago, and recently implemented: purchase 12 months of Cushy Pro for USD$294, saving you essentially 1½ months off a normal monthly subscription, and of course includes the full CushyCMS Pro experience and feature list.

Not familiar with all the Pro plan has to offer?  Check out our spiffy comparison chart here:  http://www.cushycms.com/static/pricing.

Perhaps it's easier for tax purposes, or you just want to save some more in the long run, get on board -- sign up here:  http://www.cushycms.com/static/pro.

Important info:
  1. Make sure you're logged in to www.cushycms.com with your Designer account before re-subscribing at the Yearly rate.
  2. If you're already subscribed to the Monthly plan and want to upgrade, you can do this at any time (via the link above).
Simon - CushyCMS


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