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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Coupon code: XMAS2012 - one month of CushyCMS Pro FREE for new subscribers!

G’day CushyCMS blog readers,

Coupon code: XMAS2012 - one month of CushyCMS Pro FREE for new subscribers (expires Dec 31, 2012).

As a little holiday present for those who haven’t yet discovered the features and benefits of a CushyCMS Pro account, we’d like to give you one month free, with coupon code XMAS2012 upon signup before December 31st, 2012.  Simply place this coupon code in the field when signing up from http://cushycms.com/static/pro (and hey, if you don’t like it- you can cancel any time in that first month!).  Like to read a little more about CushyCMS Pro features?  Go here:  http://cushycms.com/static/pricing.

Want to monetize a CushyCMS Pro subscription? Read this great post from a long-term Cushy user, and gain recurring income by charging your own clients to use CushyCMS: http://blog.cushycms.com/2012/11/cushycms-pro-tip-passing-costs-along-to.html

Now that we’ve implemented this coupon code functionality- we look forward to offering rewards existing members too- stay tuned!

Have a very Cushy Xmas!
The CushyCMS.com team


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